Rhys Adams


Rhys joined Balmain in 2006 and for 10 years assisted property investors with their funding needs during these challenging years for the industry, including the limited availability of capital during the Global Financial Crisis and the subsequent construction boom that was witnessed along the East Coast of Australia.

Rhys furthered his skills in a development management role for a national construction company. During this time, he oversaw the successful delivery and settlement of a 150-unit apartment project and the coordination of consultancy teams for multiple Development Applications yielding a further 250 units.  

Rhys returned to Balmain in 2017 due to the divide that was becoming apparent in the demand and availability of construction funding, which began fuelling the growth of the non-bank market. Rhys’ combined experience in finance and development roles allow him to evaluate the funding needs of a project without the ‘text book’ approach commonly applied to deliver superior outcomes for his clients.

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