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Balmain's first office was established in Sydney in 1979 by Michael Holm. Since then, Balmain has grown to include eight offices along the Eastern seaboard of Australia. The Sydney office is located in the heart of the CBD and is the first choice commercial funding provider for clients, accommodating both the operational and service teams, as well as the Corporate HQ.

Growing over many years and across multiple credit cycles, Balmain’s specialist commercial loan brokerage network is the largest and most experienced source of commercial loan origination not owned by the major Australian banks.

The Sydney office house a range of origination teams, including a number of founding partners who have been with Balmain for more than 20 years. Our culture and expertise has been reinforced in more recent years with the selective acquisition of new partners from the ranks of experienced bankers with proven execution capabilities.

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Balmain Lending Programme

What type of finance is available?

Balmain primarily offers loan facilities secured by first mortgage security. Additionally, Balmain provides and arranges solutions across the capital stock including mezzanine finance and structured equity.

Who can apply?

Balmain finance is available to most borrower types including individuals, partnerships, companies and trusts, and deal directly with commercial mortgage brokers.

Why borrow from Balmain?

Balmain brings a common sense approach to commercial finance and leverages our 40 years of property market expertise to see opportunities where others do not. Our experience allows us to navigate complex or non-standard scenarios, while protecting and mitigating risk for our investors.

How much can be borrowed?

Balmain offers facilities that range from $100 thousand, to over $100 million. Balmain can also arrange or partner with other financial institutions to enable larger borrowers. The maximum loan amount is determined during the credit assessment process.


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